Basement Concrete Tiles Slab Cracking?

Basement Concrete Tiles Slab Cracking?
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Hi it’s David with Fairbairn Inspections, we’re here with Larry Clay of Clay Construction and we’re on one of his job sites right now checking out what makes his houses higher end and some of the differences in the detail they put into the construction and one of things he was showing me was in the basement here with the way they’ve done the slab foundation here. So if you could explain Larry what the detail difference is and what difference that makes for the customer as well.

Sure, well come over here with me and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. You’ll notice under this 2×6 wall, I have a curb wall and a footing, this is weight bearing and traditionally what you’re going to find foundation contractors do is that they run that curb wall all the way through. Now here’s the problem in you don’t have an eye for detail, is you’ll notice right here, you don’t notice the curb wall here. It’s because we cut out for the curb wall, we poured our basement slab right across. Now why is that important? It’s important because if you have tile on here and you have three sources of concrete – one slab of concrete here, you’ve got your curb wall here and another slab you’re going to have a minute bit of settlement your tile is going to crack. so make sure you carve out, block out for your curb wall pour your slab right across it’ll give you perfect flooring with no issues.

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