Surrey Home Inspection Saves Buyer $10,000

This week’s featured inspection is a detached home in the Bolivar Heights area of Surrey, BC.

The house featured a low-slope roof with a torch-on, Modified Bitumen covering.

Walking around the roof, it was clear right away there was a problem with the attic structure. The roof decking was very soft, and sank significantly when walked on.

This is often the first clue that there might be a ventilation problem, or water seepage from the roof above. Another good reason we walk every roof possible, as long as material and safety conditions allow.

Plugged gutters are a common issue with properties with a lot of tree cover. In the above photo we can see that the owner has installed leaf guards at the downspouts – a best practice. However, the gutters still need cleaning as the debris has created a possible overflow.

Some roofing and flashing details were poor. In the below photo we can see that the membrane was loose around the chimney. The chimney had been leaking into the attic for some time.

The attic was in terrible condition – in the next photo we see the plywood sheathing actually sagging. Moisture levels were extreme in this attic – several probed areas showed moisture content as the highest I’ve ever come across. Most of the plywood was deteriorated beyond repair, and active leakage (dripping) was occurring through most of the attic. Mold growth was found in multiple areas.

At this point, one of the only solutions is to replace the damaged portions of the roof structure. Our client ended up negotiating over $10,000 off the purchase price – which will pay for a brand-new roof!

About the Author DavidFairbairn

Author David Fairbairn is a certified, licensed home inspector serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He has been featured in the media and has contributed to "24" Newspaper, and Global TV. He has spent years working with residential and commercial building projects, and holds a Power Engineering License in BC. Why not give him a call for your next Home Inspection? Call 604 395-2795 or email today!

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