Home Inspection Services

Thorough and Comprehensive Reporting

Our home inspection process is thorough and our "Sample Home Inspection Report" are comprehensive and simple to understand. We inspect building exteriors, interiors, roofs, foundation, crawlspaces, plumbing, electrical, fuel supply and heating and air-conditioning systems, and provide industry-leading customer service.

Pre-Purchase House Inspection

A home inspection prior to purchasing a home should always be part of the buying process. A Pre-Purchase Inspection provides you with important information about the property, which will assist you to make an educated decision regarding the purchase, as well as possibly negotiating a better price.

Pre-Listing House Inspection

Pre-Listing inspections make your house easier and faster to sell. An inspection can prevent surprises from cropping up at closing time and provide prospective buyers with an atmosphere of good faith and confidence. By knowing about problems in advance, you can then decide if you wish to fix the deficiencies or disclose them to the buyer.

Open House Inspection

Are you buying in a tight market? We can provide a condensed “Open-House” verbal walk-though inspection. This involves walking through the dwelling and verbally identifying the more critical items observed.Note: the "Open House" Inspection is not as thorough as a regular home inspection, however, does focus on critical components which may affect your purchase decision.

New Construction House Inspection

Most homeowners can easily identify the cosmetic deficiencies. It requires a professional to find the rest. By having a new house inspected the opportunity exists to learn as much as you can about the house and how to look after it, before you buy it. We can point out known problem areas and suggest maintenance practices which will reduce or eliminate most problems before they can start.

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