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Homes in North Vancouver are subject to high rainfall and often experience moisture leakage or water damage. We carefully inspect all wood decks, siding and attics for moisture staining or deterioration. Also, due to the geography of the area, many homes are built on sloped lots, such as in Deep Cove. Structure and drainage knowledge is critical when inspecting these buildings, and we pride ourselves with providing a quality Home Inspection, every time.

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Fairbairn Inspection Services is one of (Vancouver’s) highest-rated Home Inspection firms. We do top quality professional home, condo, townhouse and commercial building inspection, using cutting-edge equipment and digital reports, delivered same-day.

We offer: Exterior inspections, deck inspections, interior inspections, plumbing inspections and mould testing for residential and commercial buildings.

Steve H North Vancouver, BC

I used David’s inspection services and couldn’t be happier with the results he provided. I’m quite knowledgeable in home repairs and renovations, but felt that second set of objective eyes to inspect the property was well worth the money. David spent 4 hours going over every aspect of the home and went to great lengths to see what couldn’t be seen. He went all through the attic (which was truss construction and not easy to get around!) looking for leaks, as the roof was obviously at the end of its life. He pointed out upscale features of the home that we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. He ran all appliances through a full cycle. And he did an exhaustive check for moisture in every part of the home. The home we bought is not that old, so we weren’t expecting major problems, but he did point out things I would have missed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.