Bad Windows in East Vancouver – Featured Condo Inspection

Today’s featured inspection is a low-rise condo building on East 1st in Vancouver. The building was constructed in 1994 and was clad in vinyl siding and a flat roof membrane.

The big problem with any building from the nineties in Vancouver is leakage – however this building had already been fully rainscreened and didn’t show any signs of failure.

Flat Roof Membrane Wear

Slight wear at the flat roof membrane.

The roof showed some wear and granule covering loss at the edges, which will eventually lead to deterioration of the material. Overall, however, the roof was in great shape.

Walking around the building showed quite a few failed window seals:

Failed Window Seal

A Failed Window Seal

Condensation and fog between the panes of glass is a sure sign of a failed seal. During our inspection we noted approximately 1/4 of the windows had either failed or were beginning to fail. This will be a significant expense for the strata over the next few years, and replacement of all the windows at once may be a good option for them. If they do, they may impose a special levy to the owners.

Leaking Bathroom Sink

This bathroom sink leaked when tested.

Finally, the bathroom sink leaked like a sieve when tested – how do the sellers not notice this? I’m always surprised when people don’t test out their fixtures before listing their property. This will need to be fixed by a qualified plumber.

The buyer negotiated a great deal and removed subjects – they will be moving in next month!

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