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“My wife and I purchased a fixer-upper home that required much work and we wanted to get an idea on which repairs we needed to tackle first before the cosmetic upgrades. We hired David and he was very thorough and very knowledgeable.

He discovered some foundation settlement, in the corner of the house, that showed signs of possible movement causing the floor to sink 1 inch. He suggested to get it reviewed by a concrete specialist for stability before any renovations take place.
Walking through the inspection with David was a pleasure as he educates you on his findings and gives you maintenance tips. I HIGHLY recommend David for any type of home inspection. Worth it!”

-Written by Erik P. in New Westminster, BC

Erik called me to inspect his home after he had already purchased it; he was bidding in a multiple offer situation and didn’t want to risk adding a subject to his offer. The inspection was to help establish what needed to be done to the home prior to renovating it.

The inspection turned up some settlement issues at the front corner of the home, as well as some electrical safety concerns – about one third of the home’s receptacles were wired with reversed polarity. Reverse-polarity receptacles may cause premature appliance failure, as well as potential shock when the occupants of the home try to change a light bulb. The normally neutral screw cuff becomes energized!

I was able to give him some advice/maintenance tips on upgrading his hot water tank, as well as maintaining his 15 year old furnace. We also found several minor recommendations for the newly-installed roof , such as sealing flashings and modifying the range hood exhaust duct.

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Author David Fairbairn is a certified, licensed home inspector serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He has been featured in the media and has contributed to "24" Newspaper, and Global TV. He has spent years working with residential and commercial building projects, and holds a Power Engineering License in BC. Why not give him a call for your next Home Inspection? Call 604 395-2795 or email today!

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