West Vancouver Home Inspector Finds Unsafe Deck

This week’s inspection is duplex property in Horseshoe Bay village, in West Vancouver. The home was built in 1985.

We started out the rear deck inspection and immediately noted problems. The deck appeared to be pulling away from the side of the home:

The guardrails were poorly designed. During our inspections, we follow the 4″ rule – a ball with a diameter of 4″ should not fit through any gaps in the rails. In the photo we can see that a small child or pet may fall through:

Here we can see below the deck, and the major problem; it’s not connected to the home. To be fair, one section was connected, but the walkway section was completely free-standing.

Looking at the supports, we can see major racking of the deck structure. This poorly built deck was not only pulling away from the home, but collapse will likely occur if repairs aren’t made.

A contractor was called and they are currently rebuilding/repairing the failed deck areas.

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Author David Fairbairn is a certified, licensed home inspector serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He has been featured in the media and has contributed to "24" Newspaper, and Global TV. He has spent years working with residential and commercial building projects, and holds a Power Engineering License in BC. Why not give him a call for your next Home Inspection? Call 604 395-2795 or email david@fairbairninspections.com today!

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