Introducing the FLIR E8 Thermal Imager | Infrared Home Inspector

Fairbairn Inspection Services is excited to announce the newest tool in our fleet!

The FLIR E8 Thermal Camera:

This powerful imager helps us deliver stunning high-resolution thermal imaging as part of our Thermal Home Inspections – with a level of detail unattainable with cheaper cameras.

The picture in picture mode helps put the image in context.

Electrical panel scans can identify dangerous overheating. (The panel above is operating properly under load.)

During the first test run, the camera helped identify two water leaks in the same house. Water shows up as a dark patch on ceilings, walls and floors.

All Thermal Inspections include a ZIP file package of all infrared photo files from the home.

Call us today to see the new equipment in action – 604 395-2795

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Author David Fairbairn is a certified, licensed home inspector serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He has been featured in the media and has contributed to "24" Newspaper, and Global TV. He has spent years working with residential and commercial building projects, and holds a Power Engineering License in BC. Why not give him a call for your next Home Inspection? Call 604 395-2795 or email today!

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