Langley Home Inspection Reveals Mold and Leaks in Attic

Today’s featured inspection is from the Willoughby area of Langley.

The house was built in 2012, and therefore almost new. It was a custom-built home, corner lot, approximately 4500 square feet. There was a problem, however – no warranty. The owners had built the home and were applying for a warranty at the time of inspection. (Circumstances like this are a great reason to always get a new home inspected)

Black mold growth

Black mold growth on sheathing

During the attic inspection, we discovered heavy black mold growth on the OSB (Oriented-Strand Board) sheathing. When there’s a lot of mold growing in an attic, there is usually a very obvious reason:

Loose bathroom fan in attic

A fallen bathroom fan vent

The photo above shows the main reason – this bathroom fan had fallen off and was laying on top of the loose-fill insulation. All the humidity and hot air from the main bathroom was pouring into the attic. This situation alone can put enough moisture into the space to cause serious mold problems.

Further inspection of the attic revealed over seven areas that were leaking:

An active leak in the roof (dark area)

The dark staining along the truss (left side) is a serious leak – and moisture testing confirmed this:

The moisture meter reading – 78.1% moisture content

The flashings around the roof penetrations were terrible – here’s another photo of a leak above one of the bathroom fan connections:

Leak above bathroom fan

Another leak above the second bathroom fan.

Investigation of the roof above revealed a very poorly installed roof and several critical details that were left missing. The sloppy roof installation will cost the owners of this home thousands of dollars to fix. The buyer was extremely happy he avoided such a costly repair bill.

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