Leaking Deck in East Vancouver – Featured Home Inspection

Today’s featured inspection is from a detached home in East Vancouver.

The home was built in 1992, and featured a concrete tile roof and stone/stucco siding.

Balcony above living room

The upstairs master bedroom featured a deck which was directly above the living room. Although common, this design can be risky. With high levels of rainfall in our area, the deck must drain and perform perfectly, otherwise leakage into the home will occur.

Inspection of the deck revealed some bubbling and separation of the membrane. Bubbling can indicate moisture below the material. It can also break/crack when stepped on, and all blisters should be repaired if found.

Bubbling Deck Membrane

The drain area showed evidence of previous repair. This was our first warning sign. Past repairs almost always indicate a leak.

Failure of the floor drain is common; either the ABS pipe itself, or the seal around the base will fail. These areas need to be carefully checked.

Deck Membrane Repairs

We also noticed that the cap flashing at the front of the balcony had been repaired with roofing material:

Deck cap flashing repair

Since it was raining at the time of the inspection, it was a great time to see the condition of the living room ceiling. As expected, it turned out that the deck had indeed failed:

Living room ceiling deck leak

Bubbling and separation of the drywall and tape was evident, and moisture testing showed that the leak was still active.

Although this wasn’t a massive leak (yet), the repairs for this problem may be costly, and where there’s moisture, there also a chance of mold. The buyer was happy to have caught this when we did. They negotiated with the seller to have the issue fixed.

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