Electrical Code Violations in Coquitlam – Featured Home Inspection

This week’s inspection is a brand-new construction home in the Maillardville area of Coquitlam. It is approximately 3000 square feet with a detached garage.

Since it hadn’t passed code inspections yet, there were some strange quirks:

That’s a receptacle – right beside the bathtub. This is an obvious code violation, and a huge safety hazard. Code requires a minimum of 1 m (3.28 ft) clearance from the edge of a bathtub/shower to an outlet. This had to be removed before the electrical inspector arrived.

A torn shingle on top of the garage – this needed to be replaced.

(Just as a side note, when a roof is brand new, the self-sealing asphalt strips won’t stick down until warm weather melts the adhesive.)

Exposed wood sheathing at the basement windows. This will need to have building paper and cladding installed.

Finally, the radiant floor heating system was checked with thermal imaging – a great way to determine possible future leakage issues.

The builder was very grateful we caught some of the issues before it was turned over, and the owner saved a significant amount of time and money, not dealing with issues that would only have been discovered after moving in.

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