Toxic Black Mold in Burnaby – Featured Home Inspection

Today’s featured inspection is a 1960’s home in Burnaby, BC.

The house had a rear deck, which had been closed in and turned into a bedroom underneath. However, inspection of the exterior revealed some potentially catastrophic drainage issues:

Leaking Wall

The downspout had been disconnected, the deck wall was below the soil level, and the soil at the side of the home sloped heavily toward the wall.

Going inside, we can see the results of the moisture ingress:

Toxic Black Mold GrowthToxic Black Mold in Ceiling

Toxic Black Mold Growth on WallToxic Black Mold

This house had been vacant for over a year, and in that time, the room had never been opened. All the windows were closed, everything remained wet, and the mold grew unchecked.

Toxic Black Mold, also known by its scientific name, Stachybotrys, is a type of mold that releases Mycotoxins (a poisonous compound) into the air when it breeds.

This room will need to be demolished and rebuilt.

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