Water Leakage into Crawlspace of a Port Moody House – Featured Home Inspection

We inspected this home in Port Moody, BC recently. It was a 30 year-old home with a split crawlspace / basement configuration. The lot was sloped considerably, and a prior rain (the day before) provided ideal conditions for a Home Inspection.

Entering the crawlspace, there was considerable water damage and rot to the floor structure, below the base of the chimney.

Several joists were deteriorated, and heavy mold growth was found in the area. Here we can see the moisture levels showing complete saturation:

Everyone (including some contractors) initially suspected poor lot grading to be the cause, however, a close look at the area (and water testing) showed no water pooling issues in the area.

Water testing of the chimney finally revealed the culprit – a failed chimney flashing that was allowing water to enter behind the vinyl siding and ultimately winding up in the crawlspace. The water traveled two stories down, and pooled at the base. It can be seen at the top right of the below photo:

Final Cost: $2500 + Tax

The repairs were completed by Ken Hunter from HunterStruct, an experienced general contractor who specializes in structural repairs.

The buyers were thrilled to have the work completed prior to their possession date, and recently moved in.

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